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The enemy? Weeds and insects. The hero? You.  With the help of Spectracide® brand products, you  can control your toughest lawn & garden problems, quickly and completely. A leader in outdoor insect and weed control, Spectracide® brand has the strong  performance and technology homeowners need to beat backyard pests — at prices that make sense.

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Gardeners care more than ever about  how their flowers and vegetables grow. The Garden Safe® line offers gardeners alternative pest and disease control options to keep their gardens beautiful and bountiful — and give them the peace of mind that comes with responsible gardening.

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Keep bugs where they belong — out of your home. Hot Shot® brand's complete line of fast-killing formulas with long-lasting residuals give homeowners control over unwanted crawling, flying and creeping houseguests. Household pest control has never been easier.

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Stop bugs dead in their tracks with a broad selection of effective, do-it-yourself, indoor and outdoor pest control solutions from Black Flag products. Offering maximum defense against both indoor and outdoor pests, the Black Flag brand has a long history in the pest control industry - Killing bugs since 1883.

For mosquito protection fit for any outdoor occasion, Cutter® products have you and your family covered. The Cutter® line's effective protection, competitive pricing and variety of formulas have kept families enjoying the outdoors together in comfort for more than five decades.

Extreme conditions call for extreme protection. Outdoor enthusiasts trust Repel® products for mosquito protection that's as tough as they are. With a complete line of insect repellents designed for sportsmen, all clearly labeled with the level of protection for any terrain, Repel® products keep bugs from getting between you and the great outdoors.

Don’t let animals have the pick of the garden before you can. Deer, rabbits, moles and other four-legged pests enjoy your lawn and landscape as much as you do – hit them in the nose so they won’t come back. Liquid Fence® animal repellents use scent- and taste-deterring formulas that won’t harm animals or plants when used as directed.

With EcoLogic® pest control products, what you see is what you get – all ingredients are listed on the label. EcoLogic® products deliver alternatives to traditional pesticides that homeowners can feel confident about using. Our formulations are proven effective in the home, lawn and garden and are safe for use around kids and pets when used and stored as directed.